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Nlx Matlab

Neuralynx file reader and writer for Matlab on Linux and Mac OS X

These functions enable Matlab running on a Unix Platform (Linux, Mac OS X) to read and write the proprietary neuralynx neurophysiology file formats. For import, the file types CSC (continuous data traces), EV (events), VT (video), and SE/TT (single electrode and tetrode) are supported. For export, CSC, SE, TT, and EV are supported. The core consists of Matlab mex files, implemented in C++. Please note that the original version (Windows) code was developed by and is owned by Neuralynx Inc.; I only modified the existing code to make it compile under unix (gcc). For Windows, please use the original versions.

Latest version
Version v7 - December 2015. Added support for CSC files >2GB and EV file type export. Pre-compiled 64-bit versions for Linux and Mac OS X 10.8 for latest versions of g++ and matlab (2014b, 2015b). This should work for most versions as-is without re-compiling. If not, scripts to easily re-compile on other systems, matlab versions or 32-bit are provided. Please read the README file for instructions!

Old versions archive
Version v6 - 12/08/11. Supports file types CSC, SE and TT and includes pre-compiled versions for 64/32 Bit Linux and Mac OS X. For Matlab 2010b.
Version v5 ( 04/18/11). Supports file types CSC, EV, VT, SE and TT.
Version v4 (Aug 2009). First 64-bit version.

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