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Code accompanying papers and data releases

Active software projects (open source)

  • Github repository: Lab Github repository. Note that many of the projects listed below are in their own repositories and thus will not show up here.

  • Online Spike sorting: Osort - a Matlab implementation of my online spike sorting/unsupervised clustering algorithm. Available together with example files, documentation and the original paper.

  • Closed-loop visual stimulus display: StimOmatic - Software package (Matlab/Python) for closed-loop control and visual stimulus display, conditional on phase and power of oscillations in the LFP measured in realtime.

  • Neuralynx file reader and writer (neurophysiology file formats) for matlab on unix / linux / Mac OS X. Project homepage.

  • Implementing DFAs with Winner-take all networks: Matlab/Java package for automatically converting arbitrary deterministic state automatons to winner-take-all networks. Accompanies our recently published paper. Includes a tutorial.

  • Solving constraint solving problems with winner-take-all networks: Matlab code for converting arbitrary constraint satisfaction problems (graph coloring, sudoku, maximum independent set) into neural networks (WTAs) and simulating them to find a solution.

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